Missouri Exotic Hunts 

At Twin Lakes Whitetails we offer our hunters the opportunity to experience both European Mouflon and Texas Big Horn Ram Exotic hunting. We can add these hunts to your Whitetail Deer Hunting package. Give us a call for more information. We are happy to tell you about the hunting opportunities we can offer with these Exotic game animals.

Texas Big Horn Rams

Missouri Trophy Whitetail Hunt

Desert bighorn Rams are a stocky, large-bodied sheep. A mature Ram weight can range from 115 to 280 pounds. These nimble bighorn rams are usually found in the wild climbing the steep, rocky terrains of the mountainous dessert areas with their natural speed and agility. They have excellent eyesight to evade potential predators, such as mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats, and they use their expert rock-climbing ability to escape their prey.

European Mouflon Rams

Missouri Trophy Whitetail Hunt

Mouflon have a reddish-brown generally short-haired coat distinguished with a dark back-stripe, and a white to lighter colored saddle patch, sock patterns on their feet and underbellies. The older males usually turn black on their lower neck. You will see they also have white circles around their eyes and muzzle. The Mouflon males have thick and ridged horns that are curved in almost one full circle pattern. Mouflon sheep generally measure at their shoulder height about 34 inches and a can weigh 90 to 120 lbs. for the males.

Why Exotic Hunt at Twin Lakes Whitetails?

  • Engineered genetics puts us in the top 10 breeders in the world 
  • 30 plus years of experience in providing guided hunts 
  • Families and groups are welcome
  • Guided and unguided hunts (Bow or Rifle)
  • Field dressing all animals to customer specifications included
  • Free largemouth bass fishing included
  • Fully furnished accommodations including satellite TV and Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen and outdoor grill

Missouri Exotic Hunting Ranch Accommodations

Missouri Cabin Rentals

Our Exotic Hunting Cabins are decorated with trophy whitetail deer sheds and full mounts, offering an atmosphere of past successful hunts. The primary hunting cabin has (3) Queen beds and (1) Full bed and is ideal for the ultra-sportsman and his family. The secondary hunting cabin has (1) Queen bed, (2) Twin Beds, and a pull-out couch. The cabins also feature a big screen with satellite television and a fully furnished kitchen.  

Our exotic hunts include delicious homemade meals offering a variety of dinners. Everything from home-cooked breakfast, comfort foods, fish, steaks and of course, dessert. We guarantee, you will not leave the table hungry! 

If you have any specific meal requests or food allergies, please fill out a contact form below and let us know prior to your arrival so we can make necessary changes to accommodate you and your hunting party. 

2021 Missouri Exotic Hunt Prices

Exotic Hunts in Missouri
  • Texas Big Horn Ram Hunts –  $800 with deer harvest 
  • European Mouflon Ram Hunts – $2,500
  • Missouri Turkey Hunting (Spring and Fall) – $1200 Limited availability
    • No license is required
      • Turkey Hunting requires a liscense
    • No hidden costs 
    • No trophy fees 

All major credit cards and checks accepted

All quoted prices supersede quoted prices.

Book your Exotic Hunt in Missouri

To learn more about our Exotic Hunt Packages, please call Randy at (573) 624-0100 (Owner), or click the Contact Us button below to fill out a contact form to receive more information about our Exotic Hunts in Missouri. 

If you require any special hunting assistance (special type stands based on mobility issues) or dietary needs, please let us know prior to arriving at the camp. Our guides, cooks, and entire staff will be at your disposal for your entire trip.